10 Office Decluttering Tips Before Moving

Your workspace should always be clean, neat and well-optimized for maximum productivity. That way you can quickly find what you are looking for. And spend more time doing what’s important. But, that’s not always the case. More often than not, offices tend to get overcrowded with old paperwork, unneeded items, and even old, broken electronics and printers. All of that can cause a loss in productivity. And when the time for relocation comes, that clutter can significantly increase the cost of your relocation. So, before you call commercial movers Brooklyn, make sure you do some office decluttering. It will have a great impact on your packing and moving time. As well as the overall cost of your relocation. It will be much simpler and faster to relocate with less clutter. Here are some tips on how to declutter your office in no time. 

Office decluttering is an important part of a relocation

Bigger offices tend to be harder to maintain. The more people there are, the more equipment and paperwork is needed. From old printers to documents that should have been thrown away a long time ago. Even some items that you do need don’t necessarily belong in the office. So, moving time is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all those unnecessary items and documents. It will lead to better office productivity. And will allow you to more easily pack and move. Even if you are not moving, office decluttering is a very useful thing to do from time to time. 

office decluttering increases productivity
Having a neat and decluttered office can increase productivity and lower moving costs

Increase productivity and lower moving costs

Office decluttering is a great way to increase productivity. And it can also help you lower your moving expenses since you will not be transporting a lot of unnecessary items. So it should definitely be included in your office moving checklist. It might take some time and effort. But, in the end, you will not only increase your productivity but also lower your moving cost. And make the relocation much easier and faster. It will help you both in the short and long term. 

Start your office decluttering one section at a time

Office decluttering might seem like a very hard, almost impossible, task. Especially if you are moving to a large office space. But, if you break it down into sections it will be much easier to organize your efforts. That way you can have a clear picture of what needs to be done. And it will be much easier to do. You can separate sections however you like. All of the items that you don’t want to throw away can be boxed and labeled on a section by section basis. So, if you need them again, you’ll know how to easily find them. And they can be safely stored either in a closet or off-site in a storage unit.

stored documents during office decluttering
You can easily and safely store all your old documents

Choose storage option before you start office decluttering

It’s very important to have a good plan for where you will store all your unneeded office items and documents. There are many documents that you don’t need daily access to. But they need to be kept in a safe place that you can reach easily. One of the best ways is to rent an NYC storage unit. That way, your items, and documents will be safe and secure. They will not be taking up valuable space in your office. And you can get to them whenever you need to. It’s a much better option than filling your storage room at the office. As that room can be used for items that you need more frequent access to. 

Separate items that you need from the ones that you don’t

Once you’ve separated your office into sections you will know what needs to be done. And where unneeded items will be taken. It’s time to separate everything into two piles. The one for keeping. And the other one that should be thrown away. 

Organize documents that you are keeping

Organization in an office is very important. So, it can be very useful to spend some time organizing your documents and items. You can store them in boxes or crates. And make sure to look for storage features that will help you achieve the best organization possible. From racks to shelves, there are many items in a storage unit that can maximize efficiency. And make it easy for you to quickly find what you need.

organize and label during office decluttering
Keep everything well organized and labeled so you can find it with ease when you need to

Me mindful of your thrash during office decluttering

Office decluttering is a very delicate process. There are many documents that you no longer need. But, you can’t just throw them into the dumpster. Even when shredded, you might not want to risk them falling into the wrong hands. So, you will need quality and reliable trash removal Brooklyn. That way, you can be sure that your sensitive information doesn’t get revealed. And you will have a much easier time dealing with all the trash from both decluttering and relocation. 

Label the cables during office decluttering

While you are at it, you might as well take some time to organize your cables as well. Offices are full of different cables connecting all sorts of equipment. And since you will be moving, having a well organized and labeled cabling will help you set your office back up quickly and easily. 

Have your employees help out with office decluttering

The quickest way to organize an office space is to have everyone clean out their desk. Everyone knows their workspace the best. You can simply get some packing supplies. And tell everyone to declutter their own space. They can do it more quickly and more precisely than you ever could. 

Digitize everything that you can

One of the ways in which you can declutter your office is to digitize it as much as possible. There are many documents that you don’t need a hard copy of. So why not scan them? You will be saving a ton of space. And a lot of money during your relocation. 

Digitize when office decluttering
Digitize everything for less clutter and easier access

Organize local storage as well

There are certain documents that need to be stored at the office. And you will need to hold on to some items that you don’t necessarily use on a daily basis. And while you can find cheap storage near you. Sometimes it’s best to keep some items in the workspace. One extra printer can save the day. And you might want to have the most important documents close to you.

Don’t overdo office decluttering

As the last tip, it’s important to not overdo it. Once you see all the new free space. And a well organized office. You might want to get rid of everything you don’t use every day. But, that can quickly backfire. Some items should be in the office. Even though they are not used all the time.

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