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We are a dedicated and trustworthy Brooklyn moving company, focused on offering personalized relocation services and perfect customer care. We offer a great range of moving services for a variety of needs at incredible prices. Our moving crew is the best in the industry, we have years of experience honing our skills and use the best quality tools to make your move as easy, and as painless as possible. We offer long-distance, short distance, packing and unpacking services, and more! If you are looking for a high quality moving company then check out our services page or call us today!

Local Moving

Our trained team of local movers in NYC knows every corner of the Big Apple. We offer top-notch moving expertise at competitive rates! Learn More

Commercial Moving

When you are moving your business, all of the complexities of regular moving remain, but get amplified, while new ones pop up. There are a lot more decisions to be made, and one could also argue that they are a lot more important.
Learn More

Storage Services

Secure and affordable storage units in NYC that you can rely on to keep your residential or commercial belongings safe from harm. Learn More

Long Distance

Whether you’re looking to relocate your office cross-state or nationwide, long-distance The Super Movers are here to provide full support. Learn More

Residential Moving

Moving to another home is a process that is filled with many obligations. One has to be mindful of time, plan carefully, and make sure that there are no mistakes along the way. Not to mention the emotional hardship that comes with the change in routine. Learn More

Moving Supplies

Need moving boxes in Brooklyn? Need tape? We offer a full inventory of moving supplies in NYC for sale to help you pack securely. They can be delivered right to your door! Learn More

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About The Super Movers

For more than three decades, The Super Movers have been meticulously building a rich reputation as one of the most reliable and affordable moving and storage companies in NYC. Our team goes through extensive training and uses only the best relocation resources available to offer a unique moving experience to all our customers. We are a small business focused on exceeding any and all customer expectations.

The Moving Process

When you call us, you speak with us – the owners! We answer all your questions and plan your move to fulfill your unique needs, making everything straightforward, simple and easy. We help you meet any challenge, from advanced planning advice to last-minute moves. keep in touch

We offer consults and detailed moving estimates for free.

Our movers plan in advance and always arrive on time.

We will pack, load and transport everything with care.

Latest News

Latest News
Should you move your office to Brooklyn this year?

Making a decision on relocation is never easy. Basically, you have to choose whether to stay in a familiar environment or go to a new place and maybe make your business thrive. For example, if you are thinking about whether you should move your office to Brooklyn, there certainly are both pros and cons. We are going to present to you several of them and, hopefully, help you make a choice. All you should do is to read the article and things will probably be much clearer.

Latest News
Where to find the best food trucks in NYC?

There’s so much one can talk about when the topic is New York. And there are even more reasons why all the moving companies in New York are always busy. Furthermore, NYC is famous for many things that it can be tough to pick just one. However, in order to cover it properly, we’ve chosen the topic of famous food trucks in New York. So, if you are moving soon to NYC, you will want to continue reading to discover where to find the best food trucks in NYC!

Latest News
How to maximize space in your NYC apartment

Moving to a smaller apartment can be challenging. But, at the same time, it can be positive and it can make your life easier. You can easily maximize space in your NYC apartment to suit all of your needs. With some easy tips and tricks, you can make your NYC apartment much more spacious. One of the parts in NYC that is becoming very popular is Caroll Gardens, so if you are moving there make sure to find reliable and trustworthy Carroll Gardens movers that will help you with the relocation.